I. Head Coach
A. Coaching
1. Varsity basketball team                   
2. Assist reserve team at game time
B. Administrative
1. Lineate duties to other staff menbers to make progress
2. Supervise all facets of basketball program
3. Direct P.E. programs
4. Assist A.D. in scheduling, hiring officials, etc.
5. Institute and direct basketball programs at all levels
6. Organize and direct summer basketball school
7. Serve as final solving board in all problems concerning
basketball program                      
8. Evaluate existing program and make necessary improvements
9. Provide a budget for basketball program
10. publish program handbook, basketball guide, player handbook
11. Assist A.D. in scheduling use of facilities
12. Evalute and make recommendations in regards to personell
C. Public Relations
1. Deal with the media
2. Work with the Booster Club
3. Address the student body
4. Be active in the community
5. Assist junior high coaches whenever possible
D. General
1. Attend clinics
2. Read basketball material
3. Be yourself, but be somebody
1. Offense
a. Philosophy
1. Fast/Slow
2. Inside/Outside                      
3. Combination
4. Time & Score
1. Play Oriented
3.Free Lance
1. Stack
4.Passing Game
5.Take 30 (Delay)
6. UCLA High Post, etc.    
1. Bust Outs (Get open, create lead, begin offense)
2. Multiple Option Entries
3. Reversal To Layup
4.Special Plays
6.Inside Attack vs. Zone
1. Because of these do you attack...
(a) Point
(b) Wing
(c) Baseline
(d) High Post
(e) Low Post
(f) Backside
2. Defense
a. Philosophy
1. Man to Man
2. Zone
3. Match Up
4. Combination
1. Pressure
2. Passive
c.Point of Attack
1. Full
2. 3/4
3. 1/2
4. Sagging 1/4
d.Formation if Zone
1. 2-3
2. 1-2-2
3. 1-3-1
4. 3-2
5. 1-1-3, etc.
1. Speed
2. Size
3. Anticipation, etc.
a. MAN
a. MAN
a. M1DD1E

Varsity Assistant-Program Coordinator
A. Coaching
1. Serve as full-time assistant to varsity coach, helping players through individual work
2. Assist reserve teams when necessary
B. Practice
1. Take care of players with injuries
2. Supervise mangers and handling of equipment
3. Work with individuals to improve their play
4. Have practice and. game gear washed.
5. Make college coaches and selected visitors comfortable during practice
6. Eliminate any unauthorized people from gym
C. Pre-Game
1. Have all players taped, dressed, loosened up, ready for talk by 4th period of preceding game.
2. Have all players there and ready to leave for away games, have all players there early during preceding game.
3. Make sure players are wearing proper pre game attire, make sure uniforms are worn and postgame attire is neat.
4. Make sure managers have all necessary equipment
5. Have trainer ready for game.
6. Have chalkboard ready for talk before first game.
7. Make sure managers have refreshments
8. Give reporters scouting reports
9. Keep chart during game with comments from coach
10. Any duties may be shared or delegated to other staff members if it doesn't interfere with their responsibilities
D.   Halftime
1. Check scorebook to make sure of points, fouls, etc.
2. Have stat boys provide game charts as quick as possible
3. Check injuries or illnesses and. refer to trainer and inform coach.
4. Make observations and relay to team; keep in mind game plan
5. Check to see managers have balls on court for warmups.
6. Make sure starting lineup is checked in.
7. Inform coach of 3:00 left in half.
E. Post game
1. See that all players are checked by trainer
2. Let coach know of any player problems.
3. Make sure players are properly dressed.
4. Have managers check for clean locker rooms.
5. Remind managers to wash clothes.
6. Have players on bus ready to leave.
7. Make sure stat boys report to the media.
F. Public Relations
1. Greet opposing teams.
a. Show them facilities
b. Check to see if they have any needs
c. Handle problems they have.
2. Greet college scouts
a. show them seats
b. Provide them with stats,, etc.
c. Schedule them to meet head coach after game,
3. Greet grade school coaches and teams
a. Show them to seats
b. Give them souveneirs if you have any autographed programs, pictures, etc. c. Show them facilities
d. Introduce them at halftime
4. Greet high school scouts
a. Show them to their seats
b. Provide for their convenience
5. Greet media representatives
a. Ask if they need any interviews
b. See that all media members have state, info, etc.
6. Greet game officials
a. Check if they have any needs at all
b. Make sure they are paid
c. Check at halftime for any more needs
d. Check after game, thank them, etc.
G. General Responsibilities
1. Make house calls for bed check throughout season
2. Act as laison between players and head coach.
3. Check with A.D. for bus departures, food, etc.
4. "Communicate"with game officials when necessary without getting a "T" and restrain head coach.
5. Check with stat boys
a. Make sure they are ready to begin
b. See they have all material
c. Remind them charts are needed at half
6. Check out videotape and personnel is ready.
H. Administrative
1. Handle administrative and coaching responsibilities the head coach may delegate to you.
2.  Get kids on
3. Organization of game program
4. Organization of printing basketball program
5. Provide drills for other programs
6. Substitute for head coach whenever necessary
7. Inventory equipment for program
8. Keep program scrapbook

Varsity Assistant & Junior Varsity Team Coach  
A. Coaching
1. Coach-JV team and assume all responsibilities
2. Assist with lower levels
3. Assist with varsity practice time permitting
4. Keep defensive charts and give suggestions
5. Work with individual players on fundamentals
B. Administrative
1. Conduct athletic grade check
2. Keep tally of quarters played at all levels.
3. Take care of film processing.
4. Check on stat hoys for reserve and varsity stats and relay to media
5. Assume all responsibilities given to you

Varsity Assistant & Freshman Coach
A. Coaching
1. Coach your team
2. Assist other coaches -when possible
3. Assist other teams practice, time permitting
4. Assist with game duties.
5. Carry out other specific duties other coaches may ask of you.
B. Scouting
1. Be responsible to scout all teams plus reserves.
2. Outline scouting schedule for season and get help.
3. Make sure you write everything up that night.
4. Keep scouting/file up to date.
5. Organize scouting form used in program.
6. Make arrangements for files and other info on other teama.
C. General
1. All areas that are listed under Varsity Assistant-Program
Coordinator should he known and assume responsibilities
time permitting
2. Work Together

All Coaches Responsibility for Program Management
A. Gymnasium
1. Check dressing rooms before departing
2. Lock facilities or leave competent person in charge
3. Make sure floor is clean, nob slippery
4. Control spectators.
5. Gym is your classroom - take care of it.
B. Managers
1. Select most competent boys that you can find
2. Be certain their duties are defined. 
3. Make sure duties are carried out.
4. Don't allow managers to be distraction of the team.
C. Players
1. Emphasize good grades
2. Occasionally check out school attendance
3. Have players tell you if they are going to miss practice
4. Make sure players are neat and well groomed.
5. Meet with parents and display an interest to their children.
D. Coaches appearance and Conduct
1. Always behave, be dressed and well groomed
2. Display enthusiasm.
3. Be tough but be fair.
4. Demonstrate respect and dignity for other coaches.
5. Do not use profanity when dealing with players.
6. Do not smoke in area of players.
E. Publicity
1. Get publicity for team.
2. Announcements on school P.A.
3. Press releases to newspaper, radio, T.V.
4. Give publicity to parents, students, etc.
F. Equipment
1. Issue equipment
2. Be certain uniform fits and is neat.
3. Be certain best basketballs are used.
h. Check locker rooms after practice and games.
5. Explain to players about proper care of equipment
G. Travel
1. Make plans with enough time to make trip safely
2. Get good responsible drivers
3. Stress good appearance
4. No horseplay going to game.
5. Formulate traveling plans as early as possible.
H. Practice Session
1. Provide boys with at least weekly practice times
2. Arrive at least 15 minutes before practice and stay until everyone is gone.                                                        
3. Do not tolerate horseplay during, before or after practice.
U. Keep a written practice record for each practice.
5. Keep charts and practice stats whenever feasible.
6. Set a practice time and try to adhere to it.
I. Player attitude
1. Provide boys with proper mental outlook on game.
2. Emphasize an attitude of concentration on the game and what they have to do and not worry about refs, spectators, opponnents, etc.
3. If a boy cannot develop the proper attitude, let him sit the game out.

Areas or Special Interest:
A. Guidance and counseling service
1. Assistance with personal problems
2. Assistance with location of partime employment
3. Advice on school selection
4. Advice with high school course selection
5. Arrangement for academic tutoring
6. Referral of special problems to the proper source
B. Cooperation vith booster groups
1. Cooperation with school officials
2. Assistance with student body programs
3. Attend grade school athletic functions
4 Address the pep club
5. Aid  the cheerleaders
6. Work with basketball booster groups

Court terminology  IRM
Player positions / roles   IRM
Attitude / Aggressiveness       IRRM

Body Movement Fundamentals      5678
Change of paceIRRM
Change of direction  IRRM
Stopping  jump stops & stride stops       IRRM
Back peddle    IRRR
Pivoting  forward & reverse     IRM

Dribbling (strong and weak hands)5678
Fundamentals  IRM
Speed dribble  IRM
Control dribbleIRM
Power dribble                        IRM
Retreat dribble                              IRM
Change of pace/stutter/hesitation    IRM
Crossover dribble                          IRRM
Reverse (spin) dribble            IRR
Behind back dribble               IRR
Fake crossover dribble (inside / out)      IRR
Between legs dribble              IRR

Passing / Receiving     5678
Fundamentals      IRM
Catching / receiving ("ten fingers")      IRM
Move to ball                                     IRM
Chest pass                                        IRM
Bounce pass                                     IRM
Overhead pass                          IRM
Baseball pass                             IRM
Push pass                                  IRM
Pass fakes                                  IRM
Pass to Post                                       IRRM

Shooting - Mechanics                         5678
Fundamentals                                     IRM
Lay-up  strong hand                            IRM
Lay-up  weak hand                      IRM
Set shot                                              IRM
Jump shot                            IR
Foul shots                                           IRM
Power lay-up                              IRM
Hook shots                                 IRR
Catch & shoot                                    IRRM
Dribble & shoot                                  IRRM

Individual Offense                               5678
Triple threat position                            IRM
Jab step  strong side drive                    IRRM
Jab step  crossover                              IRRM
Jab step  shoot                                    IRRM
Shot fakes                                           IRRM
Posting up technique & target hand      IRRM
Post moves  drop-step                         IRRR
Post moves  turn-around                      IRRR
V-cuts                                                 IRM
Flash cuts                                     IRR
Curl cuts                                       IRR

Rebounding                                         5678
Stance                                                 IRRM
Protection of ball "Chinning the Ball"     IRRM
Positioning                                            IRRM
Blocking out                                         IRRM
Offensive  power layup                         IRRR
Defensive  outlet pass, power dribble out     IRRM
Jumping (use of arms / hands)              IRRM

Team Offense                                 5678
Court spacing                                  IRM
Ball movement, ball reversal             IRRM
Pass, cut & replace                          IRRM
Give & go                                        IRRM
Dribble entries                          I         RRM
Screen the ball & roll                        IRRM
Screen away                                     IRRM
Skip passes                        IR
Back screens                                     IRRR
Down screens                                    IRRR
Cross screens                                     IRRR
Offensive alignments                           IRRM
Fast break                                         IRRM
Motion offense principles                   IRRR
Zone offense principles               IRR
Delay game                                IRR
Press Break 1/2 Court               IRR
Press Break Full Court                IRR

Out-Of-Bounds Plays                        5678
Offensive baseline                               IRRM
Defensive baseline                               IRRM
Offensive sideline                                IRRM
Defensive sideline                                IRRM

Jump Ball                                             5678
Positioning (offensive & defensive)        IRM
Technique                                             IRM
Plays                                                     IRRM

Individual Defense                                 5678
Defensive stance                                     IRM-
Maintaining position-                       IRM
Footwork  shuffle                                   IRM-
Footwork  drop-step                             IRM-
Use of hands                                  IRM-
Turning the dribble                                   IRRM
Man-to-man  guarding the ballhandler      IRM
Man-to-man  one pass away                    IRRM
Man-to-man  two or more passes away    IRRM
Jumping to the ball                                    IRRM
Close out                                   IRRM
Defending cutters                                       IRRR
Defending screens                                       IRRR
Defending post players                                IRRR
Taking the charge                                 I        RRR

Team Defense                                                5678
Half-court man-to-man                                    IRRM
Full-court man-to-man                                     IRRM
Rotation principles                                            IRRR
Zone press                                                          IRR
Zone defense (2-1-2, 1-2-2, 1-3-1)                     IRR
Fastbreak defense                                      IRM
Trapping                                                               IRR